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Pushing boundaries
to bring brands to life.

FMCA is a creative brand agency that strongly believe in using digital solutions as the core to build strong and successful brands. With this as a starting point we add complimentary media, channels and solutions to give our clients all that they need and more. Constantly striving to push limits and boundaries in all ways is a way to challenge our selves, our clients and their clients. In the end, that is what make brands stand on their own and creates relations. We bring brands to life.

The three amigos –
Brand, digital & concept.

FMCA consists of three different areas: Brand, digital and concept. FMCA Brands creates flawless branding, graphic identities and marketing strategies for our clients. FMCA Digital will keep pushing boundaries and create digital solutions that will make the pixel value increase. FMCA Concept offers up a wide variety of services such as product design, displays, store concepts, exhibition design and material.

Our Clients

  • Solestory

  • EMI

  • Warner Music Sweden

  • Universal

  • Happy Plugs

  • NP3 Fastigheter

  • SCA

  • Rummet

  • Sundsvalls kommun

  • Miamipool

  • Crazy daisy dsgn

  • Portal +

A digital focus is
The key to a successful brand