The Swedish electrical cabinet manufacturer got a new user-friendly e-commerce
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Not far from Sweden’s geographical center point, Elkapsling has been manufacturing cabinets and protection for machines and electrical and electronic equipment since 1971.

We delivered a fast and custom built e-commerce platform is built both to simplify the user journey, and to function as a useful tool for the sales team by integrating smoothly with their business processes.

What we did

Digital Design
UI & UX Design
Web Development
System Architecture
System Integration

Commerce stack

ERP – Monitor
UC Financial Services

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Elkapslings products are gathered into several categories and segments. We implemented an intuitive menu, an extensive search function and an clear filter function so the customer can quickly find what they’re looking for.

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Each of the products also comes with countless accessories. We made all the options easy to navigate and information easy to find. The most essential accessories will appear as suggestions in the shopping cart, for a smooth customer journey all the way to the checkout.

Elkapsling Ikoner

New custom designed icons that increase recognition and help the user to quickly navigate. The new color palette highlights Elkapslings technical expertise and strengthens their identity.

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