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Space Delivery on the Moon
Space Delivery on the Moon

A new initiative is launched in the midst of the current corona crisis. Strategic design agency FMCA and the event company Läktarproffs Event join forces to help citizens and entrepreneurs in the Sundsvall-region during the corona crisis. Together, they now offer a full-service delivery service for needy during Covid-19 pandemic.

— It is important that we help each other and to not give up, says Henrik Nygren, brand strategist at FMCA.

These are tough times around the world. We all have a great responsibility to both respect the advice that Folkhälsomyndigheten issues but also do what we can to keep our society running.

Now Läktarproffs Event together with the strategic design and brand agency FMCA opens up for the opportunity to help Sundsvall and Timrå citizens and entrepreneurs with everyday services in this vulnerable situation.

— Events are not directly on the agenda right now, given to the restrictions associated with the risk of spreading the coronavirus. We have employees who can and wants to help in every way they can. That is why we’re now launching Space Delivery, a full-service which helps others in need in the current situation, says Jenny Vikström, CEO of Läktarproffs Event.

Do you need help sending a laptop from the office to a quarantined employee? Take-away delivered from your favorite restaurant? A new desk from IKEA for your home office – and to get it mounted together? With Space Delivery, anything is possible.

— In these difficult times, it is important that you think creatively and do things together to help each other out. We want to make everyday life easier with an accessible service for those who needs help, says Henrik Nygren, brand strategist at FMCA.

Whatever you need help with, it is just a few keystrokes away. Reservations are made easily via Space Deliverys Facebook-page or via telephone.

— We see communities and cities all around the world closing down completely. Local contractors and entrepreneurs now risk losing everything they have worked for their whole life and maybe for some, also for generations. It will have consequences for a long time to come and we want to help businesses running, Henrik concludes.

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