News flash Say hello to our new intern, Sebastian Lauritzen

Today, we’re welcoming Sebastian Lauritzen to our team!

He is currently studying his fourth semester of Communication and PR at Mid Sweden University. He will be joining us for 10 weeks from now on.
When not diving deep in to PR-strategies you might spot this former SHL-champion in the padel court shooting balls at his competitors.

Sebastian Lauritzen Intern FMCA
Sebastian Lauritzen

Ever since FMCA was founded, the agency has worked closely with the media science and design department at Mid Sweden University. A collaboration that in addition to offering internships also involves lectures and study visits where students get a wider insight into working at an agency.

We have always strived to make a creative hub in Sundsvall with a focus on creating international brands. We want to pin Sundsvall on the map and we see that a close collaboration with Mid Sweden University is crucial for us to be able to succeed with our goal, says Henrik Nygren, our Account Director.

During his internship, he will be part of a modern design and branding agency with a wide variety of local, national and international clients with a main focus on B2C and e-commerce.

At FMCA, he will be involved in the creative process, branding strategy, planning campaigns, social media, e-commerce and content production.