Awards Joel Kinnamans watch brand nominated for two design awards

Joel Kinnaman for Carl Edmond
Joel Kinnaman for Carl Edmond

The agency was contacted by the founder Ali Nouri just over a year ago and has since worked intensively to bring together all the important strategic parts for the official launch.

The founder of Carl Edmond, Ali Nouri, reached out to FMCA just over a year ago and has since then worked intensively to bring together all the important strategic work for the official launch.

On Wednesday September 6th, Carl Edmond was officially launched during a celebrity event in the Stockholm archipelago. The Swedish Hollywood actor Joel Kinnaman, the brand’s ambassador, who has also been part of the brand since the start, was present.

Together with Carl Edmond, FMCA is now nominated for a total of three different categories in two major Swedish design awards, Svenska designpriset and Publishingpriset. This is the second year in a row that design agency FMCA has been nominated for both awards for their branding projects.

— It feels great that our work is being noticed and we look at these nominations as proof that the strategy we’re working by making successful brands seems to be working very well, says André Högberg, CEO of FMCA.

During last year (2016), Flatmate Web & Digital grew and became FMCA – Flatmate Creative Agency. Which means that the agency now offers and deliver complete solutions within everything from communication strategies, brand strategy, visual identity, design, packaging design to digital communication, digital strategy, e-commerce, retail, store and exhibition concepts.

Svenska Designpriset is an annual award in graphic communication. The competition is divided into a number of categories – Editorial, Information, Identity, Advertising, Digital, Image and Event with each subcategory. FMCA are nominated in the category “3A – Identity – Graphic Identity” for Carl Edmond.

The agency is also nominated in the category “5E – Digital – E-commerce” for Sandlund / Hossain. Voting now takes place among the final entries on Designpriset and the award ceremony will take place on October 9 at RondoLiseberg in Gothenburg.

Svenska Publishingpriset is independent from industry organizations and is a comprehensive communication competition. It covers most established forms of communication and the jury evaluates the entire competing product – not just its design. FMCA is nominated in “Information printed matter individual” and in “E-commerce websites” for Carl Edmond. Publishingpriset. The award ceremony will take place on October 23 at the historic Berns and China Theater at Berzelii Park.