News flash Welcome to our new intern, Caroline Olson

We are excited to share with you that we are welcoming a new force to the FMCA family. Caroline Olson, who is in her final year of the Communication and PR program at Mid Sweden University, will be joining us for 10 weeks this autumn.

— It feels great to have Caroline in the team. Even as a student, she already has experience with working with many different local and national brands, says Henrik Nygren, Account Director and Strategist at FMCA.

Caroline previously worked as a marketing assistant at High Coast Whiskey. After working there for a few years, she felt ready to immerse herself completely in communication and PR, and therefore applied for the education at Mid Sweden University.

— It was a period of learning I appreciated, and it really made me want to develop myself more in the field of marketing and communication. I chose to apply to the program so that I could become really good at what I do, says Caroline.

During her internship, Caroline will be involved in our creative processes and get a taste into the everyday life at FMCA. She will be working on different projects within the realm of social media, branding, strategy and content production.

— An internship is a very important part of one’s education. It gives students a chance to get an insight into how the industry works and learn new skills by working on projects with real clients. In addition, it is really rewarding for us to get to work with students. They often come up with innovative and inspiring ideas, says Annica Karlsson, Designer and SoMe strategist at FMCA.

We asked Caroline about three things that inspire her: ✨

  1. Whether it’s old furniture at a flea market or a project in which I can make a big difference, finding a project that has a lot of potential to become something really great really gets me going.
  2. Driven people who really know what they want and make it happen, or people who are really good at something.
  3. I also just love walking around in the woods with my dog, without having anywhere to be, simply letting my mind wander.