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FMCA - Strategic design agency, Office in Sundsvall


Storgatan 19

SE-852 30 Sundsvall

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The flatmates

FMCA - Fanny Tegström Project Manager
Fanny Tegström

Project Manager

076-843 26 95

FMCA - André Högberg CEO Account Director
André Högberg

CEO & Account Director

070-667 50 06

Henrik Nygren Account Director Delägare FMCA
Henrik Nygren

Account Director

070-298 51 06

David Andersson - Account Manager
David Andersson

Account Manager

073-625 58 40

Annica Karlsson Designer FMCA
Annica Karlsson


Cristoffer Öhrling Design Director FMCA
Cristoffer Öhrling

Design Director

Celine Abbeloos - Developer FMCA
Céline Abbeloos

Full Stack Developer

Johan Linder Production Manager FMCA
Johan Linder

Full Stack Developer & Production Manager

Olivia Jonsson Designer FMCA
Olivia Jonsson


Rickard Karlsson Developer FMCA
Rickard Karlsson

Back-end Developer