2017 Sandlund / Hossain strongly entered into the fashion industry without losing their identity

Sandlund/Hossain - Hero - FMCA


Sandlund / Hossain has a stated mission, to unite quality and design manufactured in a sustainable way that gives back.

With an ethical foundation to stand on, we looked over the visual identity for Sandlund / Hossain and gave the brand a more direct market position in the fashion industry. The new user-friendly e-commerce is optimized according to consumer behavior and has been nominated in the annual design award Svenska Designpriset.

Sandlund/Hossain - Case E-commerce Static - FMCA
Sandlund/Hossain - Case Colors - FMCA
Sandlund/Hossain E-Commerce - Case Business Cards - FMCA
Sandlund/Hossain - Case Photo 1 - FMCA