Norrlands trä

2017–Ongoing We let nature into your home and established a strong brand in the trend-sensitive interior design industry

Norrlands trä Inspiration


Norrlands trä manufactures wooden panels and floors of the finest parts of pine and spruce. During the strategic branding process at the start of the project, we identified the need to increase interest in wood panels and wood floors. The first step was to move the brand of Norrlands trä from the construction industry to the interior design industry where the primary target group is located.

Norrlands trä Inspiration Wooden Floor

The new brand strategy for Norrlands trä resulted in a +47% increased revenue.

Identity Toned down colors and a harmonious typography gives the identity a nordic calm

Soft material choices and an airy design brings out the content and the warm interiors.

Norrlands trä workbook cover

What we did
Research & analysis
Graphic design
Packaging design

Norrlands trä - Visitkort

Digital A place for inspiration and a natural part of the customer journey

Norrlands trä Webbplats

A careful analysis of customer behavior helped us make a website tailored to the needs of the visitor. The website has become a place to find inspiration and information before buying. Norrlands trä meets the customer from the first inspiration, to the choice of products, to ordering sample products and to find the nearest dealer.

What we did
User Experience Design (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
System Integration
Optimization & analysis

The site was awarded the annual design award Publishingpriset with the motivation: “For an inspiring, well-coherent and easy-to-navigate site with good typeface combo and natural, Nordic light”.

+292% more visitors since launch.

Photo Warm interiors in Scandinavian light that show how natural materials bring life to the home

What we did
Art direction
Interior Design

Norrlands trä Inspiration
Norrlands trä Inspiration
Norrlands trä Inspiration
Norrlands trä - Borstad slätspont i sommarstuga
Norrlands trä Inspiration, Sommarhuset
Norrlands trä Inspiration, Sommarhuset
Norrlands trä Inspiration, Sommarhuset
Norrlands trä Inspiration
Norrlands trä Inspiration
Norrlands trä Inspiration, Fjällstuga

Social media Norrlands trä has established itself as a strong brand on Instagram and Pinterest

Norrlands trä Social media
Norrlands trä Social media

What we did
Strategic planning
Text production
Analysis and evaluation

Video Experience the gentle tranquility when the hundred-year-old pine trees form the resonance box for your home life

Norrlands trä film
Norrlands trä film

What we did
Art Direction

Let the Nordic forest move into your home. Watch the full video here