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2016–Ongoing Get ready for many great summers at home with Miami Pool

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Miami Pool is what happens when the Nordic craftsmanship tradition meets a never-ending desire for innovation. For 50 years, Miami Pool has strived to produce interesting pool models without ever jeopardizing with its quality. They have a long-term and personal service, great flexibility in the supply and the market’s most reliable pool frame.

Miami Pool photography
Miami Pool photography
Miami Pool photography

Identity With soft and confident typography, clean illustrations and warm environments, the summers at home are conveyed with quality and durability

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Art direction
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Digital A personal and helping hand throughout the whole journey. The relationship does not end when the pool is installed.

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Miami pool accompanies and helps you throughout the whole experience. From the first inspiration research to useful tips and guidance for your new life as a new pool owner.

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User Experience Design (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
System Integration
Optimization & analysis

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Miami Pool website, icons

Conversion rate+550%

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