Lockeby Brewery

What we did

2017–Ongoing The seasons from High Coast's characteristic landscape gives Lockeby its popping color palette

Lockeby Brewery - Havsbris Bottle Design Close-up with Ice


Just a few kilometers west from Härnösand, Sweden, Frans and Kristin run the family-owned brewery Lockeby Brewery. In the fall of 2016, the construction of the brewery started and since then it has been fast ride.

What we did

Identity The clean shapes and typography allows the colorful design palette to pop on the shelf

Lockeby Brewery - Midnattssol Bottle Design
Lockeby Brewery - Midnattssol Bottle Design Close-up

What we did
Idea & concept
Graphic design
Packaging design

Lockeby Brewery - Caps Multiple
Lockeby Brewery - Cap Close-up
Lockeby Brewery - Bottle design lineup
Lockeby Brewery - Midvinternatt Bottle Design

A playful typography with inspiration from the varied topography of the truly remarkable world heritage site of High Coast, Sweden.

Lockeby Brewery - Inlandsis Bottle Design

Photo Just a few kilometers west from Härnösand, Sweden, Frans and Kristin runs the family-owned brewery Lockeby Brewery

Lockeby Bryggeri

What we did
Image style
Art direction

Lockeby Bryggeri brewing
Lockeby Bryggeri

Digital Experience how the seasons bring colors to the landscape as you travel through the product range

Lockeby Bryggeri Web

What we did
User Experience Design (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)

Lockeby Bryggeri Web