2016–2019 Carl Edmond, a Swedish watch brand that reflects each individual's unique personality


Carl Edmond is a Swedish watch brand founded in 2016 in Stockholm by Ali Nouri. Together with world renowned watch designer Eric Giroud they offer high quality timepieces at a humane price.

Identity A powerful and confident typography with a sober color palette reflects the collection and all unique personalities

The models Ryolit and Granit’s forms, the basic forms in the letters C and E, and a wink to Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian man” where art and science unite, are joined into the symbol of Carl Edmond.

Carl Edmond Logotype Symbol

What we did
Research & analysis
Symbol & wordmark
Graphic design
Packaging design

Carl Edmond Print Catalog
Carl Edmond Print Catalog
Carl Edmond, Ad Shell Bus Stop
Carl Edmond Kampanjbox
Strategic Design Agency Carl Edmond E-Commerce Strategy

E-commerce A solid e-commerce that gives you a fast experience no matter where you are in the world

What we did
User experience design (UX)
User interface design (UI)
System integration
Optimization & analysis

Photo & video A set of pictures were taken to portray the watches in a genuine moment and place related to each person’s passion and interest.

Carl Edmond Frida Ronge

Representatives of Carl Edmond in their natural environments reflect each person’s unique passion and personality.

What we did
Idea & concept
Image style
Art direction

Friends we collaborated with
Photographer: Oskar Bakke
Film production: Pictionary Productions

Carl Edmond Granit Gold Mesh Watch
Carl Edmond Honest Al

Social media A dynamic and consistent feed in line with the brand

Carl Edmond SoMe Feed

Retail A unified solution that easily can be resized to all different retailers worldwide.

Carl Edmond, retail display

What we did
Idea & concept
Retail & environmental design
Graphic design

Carl Edmond Retail Display POS
Retail vitrine cabinet for Carl Edmond by strategic design agency FMCA